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GalleryWhat is Pure Poetry? Pure Poetry is a club that began in the Horseshoe pub in Clerkenwell, North London, about 18 months ago. It is about poetry in all its forms - poets breathe life into words that are funny, sad, clever or just strange. It is always engaging and never dull - though sometimes the pleasure is the thrill of the tightrope with no net. Serious poets gripping well crafted volumes and crumpled suits appear on the same stage as performers who seem to be flexing an innate poetry muscle.

It is now a weekly event in the sparkling Soho Theatre, in the heart of the London's West End. Steve Tasane, Pure Poetry guiding light says, "Poetry clubs in London can be cliquey, both in terms of poets and the audience. Pure Poetry is about breaking down barriers." He doesn't see a division between the page and stage. Pure Poetry's philosophy is that poetry is one thing. Steve sees no point in poets hiding in their discrete niches.

The diversity of talent at Pure Poetry ranges from the ranting Attila the Stockbroker, the official court poet Andrew Motion (heir to Alfred, Lord Tennyson's official role), the comedic John Hegley, the punk poet John Cooper Clarke, Dead Poet Society for old school to Improv Slams, funky poetry or poetry on film, and lots more. We hope in the future to bring you more about Pure Poetry.

The New Review aims to bring you the diversity of poetry, to review events and publish poems of established and new poets. If you can put words together that will make us laugh, cry or scratch our heads in Russian or English please contact us, and don't forget your talented friends.

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