The road is a strange mirror.
It reflects the sky, the rain and me.
I see all my life in this mirror.
People around me dash somewhere,
They never look behind.
And I just walk slowly.
I'm bewitched to listen to this sad song
Of the wind and the rain.
They share it like brothers.
The night watches them silently.
I look up at the sky -
I long to see the stars,
But only clouds I see.
The rain weeps and the wind mourns
About the world.
And the night smiles at me
With her vague smile.


Come, have a look:
The moors spread out the cranberries.
The Harvest took
The fields and the gifts of apple-trees.

Come, raise your eyes:
The sky has turned into a well.
The movement dies.
The air is tolling like a bell.

Come, take a glance:
Abandoned are the leaves to fall.
Sad is their dance.
But this is the eternal call:


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Copyright ╘ 2004 by Lizzy Vasileva
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