Melvyn Dresner,
Proud Foreign Eyes [7/10/2004]
Чарующие образы шотландского художника самоучки [6/05/2004]
Valentina Walker,
Culture Shock [4/05/2004]
Валентина Уолкер,
Учитесь и путешествуйте - работая [31/03/2004]
A. Malinkin,
Civis Hibernicus Sum [31/03/2004]
Стихи [14/02/2005]
Lizzy Vasileva,
Poems [1/07/2004]
Анастасия Гюльванесян,
Стихи [27/02/2004]
Сергей Карпухин,
Лунный пейзаж [7/10/2004]
Сергей Карпухин,
Молодость [7/10/2004]
Александр Кичко,
Артикул & Поэзии обильные сосцы [25/01/2004]
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The New Review is a collaboration of writers and journalists from Russia and Great Britain. The magazine style was set by three people, Elena Degenhardt (Munich, Germany), Melvyn Dresner (London, UK) and Sergey Karpukhin (Irkutsk, Russia). The students and the teaching staff of the faculty of philology and journalism of Irkutsk State University are supporting this site. Irk in the address of the site means that we are located in Irkutsk (Eastern Siberia), just that.

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