Dilly Gets Out of His Box

Dilly is picking on his compatriot, the stuntman David Blaine, who is hanging now in a cage like a canary above the Thames much to the entertainment of Londoners.

Glass cage above the Thames"DAAAAVID! Get down from there. Blaine, you'll do yourself an injury, eat something." Hi folks, isn't it a great feeling to shout abuse at someone who can't answer back, it must be the whole reason for television. In case you missed it, David Blaine is an American conjuror, who is currently suspended above the Thames in a glass box, close to London's Tower Bridge. He is attempting to survive on nothing but water for 42 days. As far as I can understand it he is doing this purely for fame and money, it is not a hunger strike for some great humanitarian cause. No sirey! It is pure-freak-show-money-making-exploitation business. What people will do for a dollar?

What is interesting everyone here about Blaine? It is the reaction of the British people to our American hero. Evidently he performed a similar stunt in New York City involving ice, I prefer my ice in a glass, but still he prefers it is an ice overcoat. It takes all sorts to make a world, err, a world of nutters! It seems the New Yorkers reacted with cool reserve and respectful silence to the brave magician. Do the Londoners watch the self-decomposing Blaine in serene aloofness? NO! They go for it big time. He has attracted all the jokers and all the mentalists from this great city. Alcoholic abuse you would expect on any night (or day) of the week, especially if you swing so close to the city, but paint filled catapults go splat, attacks with edibles to break his resolve, water saboteurs cut his plumbing, and women bare their breasts. And nothing to eat! A man invested a small fortune in two dozen eggs just to throw at Blaine's self-made prison.

There have been arrests and people in silly costumes turning this little part of London into weird central and causing traffic chaos and a policing nightmare. The American and British media debate the meaning of the phenomenon. Some say this shows a decline in British manners, envy of successful people, a desire to see the rich and famous flat on their faces. I heard that the spoon bender and watch stopper Uri Gellar putting such a defence of his friend David: 'the British just don't understand his courage', Uri whined. Yes they do. The British can be rude and aggressive, especially after a few beers. They do revel in the failures of the rich and famous. Read the papers and you'll see. But in this case, I'm with them. Blaine wants publicity, well he got it. He is the most famous hunger striker since Bobby Sands (the Irish Republican who died on hunger strike at the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland, in the early 1980s), it's a circus of every publicity seeker fuelling the fire of Blaine's ultimate alter of fame. The British know a pompous ass when they see it. You've just got to love 'em. David keep going, I mean it but don't expect the British to take you seriously. Lighten up.

I wonder about his next stunt. Maybe a Siberian winter with the heating switched off?

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